Powder Room – Scene 2

The first step was to paint a stripe at the top of the powder room.  It’s exactly 6 3/4″ from the ceiling.  I thought it would be an easy process: buy a laser level, measure one point at 6 3/4″, point the laser level and paint.  Turns out the laser level I bought was utter crap.  It wouldn’t stick to the wall as advertised; it fell to the ground and smashed into its respective pieces.  So I drew a stripe the old-fashioned way: with a pencil, a ruler, and a regular air-bubble level.  Then I taped and painted.

Like racing stripes, only slower.

After I painted the stripe, I realized I didn’t need to tape it off before painting the white.  I would have to tape it off again when I painted the red.  I kicked myself pretty well over this.  I removed the tape and painted a second coat of white.

When I re-taped for the red,  I realized that taping the white stripe was actually a good idea.  The first taping left a little groove in the paint that I used to line up the tape a second time.  I burnished the tape with an old credit card, and it turned out that I had razor-sharp striping.  THE BURNISHING IS KEY.  BURNISH FOR ALL YOU’RE WORTH (and hope you’re worth more than a two-penny stamp).

a frickin' rare stamp

This stamp is probably worth more than your car, your home, and your dream home combined.

If you burnish, you will get stripes like this:

Don'tcha wish your stripes were hot like mine?

Painting the walls was your standard painting-of-the-walls endeavor.  When I was finished, it looked like this:

This picture was taken in the happy time before I knew about the flooring debacle...

So, paint the floor, install the backer board, fix the drywall, mud and paint, and we’re done.  At least, that’s what I thought, until I tackled the floor.  Stay tuned.  There’s concrete and a trowel and a five-gallon bucket up next…

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