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Reclaiming the Linen Closet

Some people, when the realize they are coming down with a cold, relax on the sofa and watch movies.  Other people decide that they absolutely cannot stand their contractor-white hallway one more minute and paint it a beautiful grey-brown.  I … Continue reading

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I just hated everything

I just hated everything

This is how I redecorate.

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Powder Room – Scene 2

The first step was to paint a stripe at the top of the powder room.  It’s exactly 6 3/4″ from the ceiling.  I thought it would be an easy process: buy a laser level, measure one point at 6 3/4″, … Continue reading

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Powder Room – Take 1, Scene 1

The lurid green bathroom had to go.  It was one of the first things I noticed — and hated — about my new house.  Somewhere along the line, someone thought that aggressive neon lime was the way to attract buyers. … Continue reading

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Hall Closet

When your hall closet starts to smell, it’s probably time to empty it and dig through the piles of houndstooth-print rainboots until you find the box of rotting hyacinths from last fall that you never got around to planting.   That’s … Continue reading

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